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A short video about the GE Cross Over Steam Turbine Expansion Joint.

GE Cross Over Steam Turbine Expansion Joint

By pre-ordering replacement bellows cartridges for GE steam turbine cross-over expansion joints, you can get as quick as a one week turn-around on the piping re-build.

A large time consumer in refurbishing a GE cross-over is manufacturing the torroidal bellows. Underneath the heavy load-bearing cover is a specialized style of bellows that is almost exclusively only used in these old ‘wrapper’ style cross-over’s – and for good reason as this design has proven to last +25 years.

One design detail that makes these bellows hard to produce during an outage is the reinforcing rings, which are machined forgings. Also the torroidal bellows has a circular cross-section that takes more set-up time to form, which then needs a heat-treatment in order to duplicate the original part.

The good news – if you have a cartridges in-stock, the cartridges can be installed and the cross-over unit retested within a one week window. The key is that the cartridges needs to be ordered at least 12 weeks in advance of the outage to avoid expediting charges.

The torroids are standardized designs which means that the only information you need to give us is the piping diameter and the convolution count. A simple but effective way to get the number of convolutions is to poke a stick under the wrapper and count the bumps.

Yes, this means ordering a part that may or may not be needed for the upcoming outage. True, but if the existing cross-over expansion joint is over 25+ years it is living on borrowed time and having a replacement cartridge in the warehouse is the right move to make. Another plus is the cost savings of avoiding expedite charges. Both bellows should be replaced at the same time.

The next time the turbine is down have a section of the insulation removed and take a convolution count (even easier if drawings are available). With that information the cartridge bellows can be put on order so that your replacement options are pre-planned.

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