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Recently a customer was having a significant leak in the hood bellows and needed an on-line fix in order to make it to their scheduled outage for the following month.

Brain-storming with the Oakridge Bellows engineering group a temporary fix was put in place that got them to their outage.

Rolled angle with rope and caulking to seal the gap

The system, operating under a vacuum, will pull down on the rolled angle once the gap is sealed with ceramic rope and high temperature caulk.

The customer was able to maintain a stronger system vacuum than other attempted methods such as stuffing fire-blanket and sealing putty in the cavity.

This repair needs to be done while the system is hot so that there is no significant thermal growth movement; which will break the seal.

How this fix would look on a standard GE hood bellows

The Oakridge Bellows team was able to supply a new condenser seal/ hood bellows assembly in time for the outage.

Oakridge Bellows has the tooling to duplicate the most common OEM condenser seals, such as GE and Westinghouse.*

To avoid steam turbine efficiency losses, add the condenser bellows seal to routine inspection, and change this part out per the OEM recommendations – usually at 25 years.

*Oakridge Bellows is not associated with GE or Westinghouse